Webhost Ranking

We specialize in website and server monitoring services; many users around the world use our service to monitor their website and server for downtime. The statistics are generated based on the websites and servers monitored by our users. This provides an unbiased view of the quality of service offered by the webhost companies. We do not monitor the homepage of web host or ISP, we monitor our users' websites or servers hosted by these companies.

Web hosts and ISPs are grouped into:

We divide our ranking into verified and unverified. Statistics for webhosts in verified ranking is more accurate because they are gathered over a longer period of time and the website/server are monitored more frequently.

  1. Verified: Servers that have been monitored longer than 30 days and monitoring interval shorter than 60 mins
  2. Unverified: Servers that have been monitored less than 30 days or monitoring interval longer than 60 mins